FRP Elita ® corrugated iron is specially developed to resist the harmful effects of UV rays and polluted environments, without yellowing or degradation like existing fiberglass corrugated sheets on the market.

Product Description

FRP Elita® corrugated iron has been specially developed to resist the harmful effects of UV rays and environmental pollution, without yellowing or degradation like existing fiberglass panels on the market. Produced from New Zealand’s state-of-the-art and advanced technology, Elita® is a cost-effective, UV-stabilized composite resin product with a surface protected by a topcoat. special skylight of NAACO®, which provides efficient light transmission.

1. Outstanding Features

UV resistance: Elita® has in-build NZA-5 UV inhibitors (in-build NZA-5 UV inhibitors) that help prevent yellowing, deterioration of corrugated iron and absolute UV resistance.
Weather resistance: Coating on the outside of the corrugated board (weatherproof side) of polyester has a UV inhibitor and prevents yellowing or degradation of the sheet. The outer surface is waterproof and moisture-proof.
Super Durability: Elita® is manufactured from high quality Roving glass fiber reinforced acrylic resin system. Maintains light transmission and anti-discoloration after 4,000 hours of continuous UV exposure.
Flexible design: Extremely flexible product, Elita® is easy to bend, so it can be used in a variety of applications to match design standards.
Efficient and economical: 0 Kwh for low daylight. Use 0 copper for maintenance during 7 years.​​​​​​ 4.5 points in the green building rating system. Create a comfortable, pleasant working environment for high productivity.

2. Technology and features

Shining FRP Elita® is currently the number 1 choice for large domestic and foreign projects. The level is comparable to imported products from advanced countries.

3. Application

Elita® is used for lighting in buildings, commercial, industrial, educational and projects that require long-term natural light standards.

Schools/kindergartens, shopping malls, outdoor public areas should be well protected from the effects of UV rays.
Elita® can develop anti-corrosion applications in strongly corrosive areas.
All Elita® products can be designed into a double skin (Twin skin) system to enhance heat and sound insulation as well as save energy.


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