The Leading FRP Product Manufacturer in Vietnam

We offer high quality FRP panels, FRP grating, FRP tank and other products made by OEM composite material with advanced technology and equipment from New Zealand and USA.

We export more than 100 containers of FRP products yearly to various markets: USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Japan, Korean, Middle East and other countries


We apply hand lay-up, Light RTM and Spray-up with USA equipment for OEM product made by composite, FRP materials.


With 26+ years of experience in FRP manufacturing, we always dedicate to deliver the best quality service. Your best FRP manufacturer from Vietnam.

modern university buildings wooden beams projecting from a curved wood cladding
About Us

The Front JSC is a leader in composite, FRP technology in Vietnam.

With more than 26 years of experience, we are confident to offer the best FRP, GRP (Fiber-reinforced glass) products. Besides our main products, composite roofing (FRP panels, translucent roofing, FRP anti-corrosion panels…), our other OEM products made by composite material such as FRP bins, FRP tanks,… have been delivered to customers from all over the world: USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Japan, Korean, Middle East and other countries

Our FRP/GRP products have been applied in various fields, including; agriculture, transportation, energy, public constructions, fertilizer and chenical factories…

We have a wholehearted commitment to be your trusted FRP partners.

With a long history in FRP , advanced technology, dedicated people, we thrive to provide the best composite FRP products with most reasonable price, satisfying all customer needs.

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Sectors - Markets

We have completed orders from clients in various sectors.

Our composite products are dedicated, well-designed and very durable. They can sustain in harsh environment and last very long. Therefore, the application range is only limited by our imagination.

home interior
Our products are widely used in Agriculture sectors, including: fish or shrimp farming FRP tanks, FRP hutch/ calf housing, FRP wall panels...
family house design
FRP car body kits, FRP car parts are common in this sector. FRP wall and FRP roofing panels could be applied for parking lots, bus station... and more.
office interior
Our FRP roofing panels, translucent roofing panels, anti-corrosion panels... are widely use in industrial and commercial buildings.
Industrial Tanks
With strong anti-corrosion feature, FRP tanks or GRP tanks, FRP pipe are widely for industrial purpose. We can make products upon your request.


Step 1: Consultations


We understand that different markets have different requests. Therefore, ur production and design team will have in-deep discussion with clients to understand your needs and requirements.

Step 2: Modeling 3D

Modeling 3D

After step 1, we will create the 3D sample and send it to clients. This model is created with the exact specifications required by clients. Samples will be revised until you are happy.

Step 3: Contract Sign

Contract Sign

We are very happy that you accept the sample. At this moment, let us sign the contract with agreed quantity and pricing. As usual, we commit delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

Finish: Product Delivery

Product Delivery

The order is ready within committed timeline. We are happy to do business with you and looking for our long-term partnership.
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Our Markets

We have exported our OEM products to over 13 countries around the world.