About Us

Your reliable partner for composite OEM products

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About Us

The Front JSC is a leader in composite FRP OEM products.

With more than 26 years of experience, we are leading in composite FRP production. Besides our main products, composite roofing, our other OEM products such as composite bins, composite chairs… have been delivered to customers from all over the world: USA, Japan, Holland, Canada. Myanmar…

Our composite OEM products have been applied in various fields, including; agriculture, transportation, energy, public constructions, fertilizer and chenical factories…


USA, Canada, Holland, Japan… and some Asian countries are currently our main markets.


We apply Light ATM and Spray-up with USA equipment for composite OEM products.


With 26+ years of experience, we always dedicate to deliver the best quality service.

Our work

Composite production is just not our work. It is our daily passion and inspiration.

Started in 1997 as a composite roofing company, we have gradually developed our technology and product quality to meet local and international requirements. From our main business of FRP roofing, we began to expand our FRP OEM production. The first OEM shipment took place in 2010.

Who we are?

We are international composite roofing and OEM product manufacturer. We are also the market leader in our local market


Our production line is imported directly from New Zealand and USA. Therefore, our quality standard always remains top-tier.

Our Commitment

We prioritize our credit and product quality. The composite products always meet the technical agreement.

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Our Markets

We have exported our OEM products to over 13 countries around the world.