The difference between bright plastic corrugated iron and ordinary corrugated iron.

Light corrugated iron and ordinary corrugated iron are both commonly used types of corrugated iron in the construction industry. However, they have some fundamental differences. Specifically, the differences are listed by NAACO in the following table:

Comparative characteristicsPlastic corrugated iron to get lightOrdinary corrugated iron
Usage functionBringing light into indoor spaces naturally, saving energy and creating a more comfortable living environment.Making partitions, roofs, fences and other construction works.
Material structureLight, transparent material. Durability will vary depending on the material. Basic corrugated PVC, polycarbonate and high-grade are fiberglass reinforced composite plastic with outstanding durability – greater specific strength than steel. The line of light-colored plastic sheets NAACO provides to the market today is plastic corrugated iron. composite manufactured by a modern line imported from New Zealand for high quality, outstanding performance with optimal accompanying characteristics for each need (chemical corrosion resistance, fire resistance, bearing capacity, .. ) . The lifespan of composite corrugated iron can be more than 30 years with a warranty policy of 2-25 years depending on the product line.The material is heavier and stiffer
DesignWide range of sizes, with many different textures, from simple roofing to complex multi-layer systems. With bright plastic corrugated iron, NAACO also receives processing according to specific designs and specifications according to customer requirements.The structure is simpler because there is no need for light transmission properties.
ApplicationWidely used and multi-application: – Civil works: houses, garages, .. – Public works: commercial centers, sports halls, schools, hospitals, airports, … – Industrial works: factories, factories and warehouses, etc. With light-weighted corrugated iron made of fiberglass reinforced composite plastic, the investor can use it even in constructions with harsh climates. Harsh and corrosive environments such as chemical vapors, steam or coastal waters, saline areasUsed in buildings such as factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants and industrial works

Distinguishing today’s popular types of plastic corrugated iron

There are two popular types of corrugated iron on the market today:

  • Flat lighted plastic corrugated iron: has a flat surface, no waves but has a large thickness (usually from 1.5 to 5mm). This type of corrugated iron has good transparency, allowing natural light to flow into the house efficiently and evenly, so it is widely used.
  • Plastic corrugated iron with light waves: the surface has waves, often used to make roofs or glass walls. This type of corrugated iron has a thickness of 0.7 – 3mm, easy to bend into many different shapes to suit the architecture of the building. 

In addition, corrugated iron is also classified based on material, the two most common types are: 

  • Polycarbonate corrugated iron: manufactured from polycarbonate – a special plastic with high strength and good bearing capacity. 
  • Composite light corrugated iron: made from fiberglass and polyester resin. This is a lightweight material, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy processing and construction. 

Composite and polycarbonate corrugated iron – Which should you choose?

As mentioned, due to the nature of the constituent materials, composite or polycarbonate corrugated iron both have their own advantages. The choice between composite and polycarbonate sheeting depends on the specific requirements of the project or building. Here are some differences between these two types of corrugated iron you can consider:

Properties/Materials of plastic corrugated ironCompositePolycarbonate
Resistance to extreme weatherGoodLower
Color, styleDiversityLess variety
Light transmittanceWide and inclusive light diffusionBetter light transmission but less concentrated and diffused light
LongevityMaybe more than 30 yearsUp to 20 years
ConcludeComposite light corrugated iron – a modern construction material – is widely used from civil and public works to industrial construction and is especially suitable for works requiring climate resistance. high harshPolycarbonate corrugated iron is mainly applied in small civil works. This type of corrugated iron is also subdivided into: corrugated, solid and hollow.

Currently, NAACO is providing the market with a line of composite plastic sheeting manufactured by imported lines from New Zealand, bringing superior quality to the project: 

  • Possessing a permanent adhesive film that does not peel off over time for resistance in harsh weather conditions much better than that of polycarbonate.
  • High mechanical and physical strength, the ability to withstand strong impacts without deformation, or breakage.
  • Various colors and designs. In particular, NAACO also performs processing according to customer needs to help optimize efficiency and increase suitability for the project. 
Natalite 3

The latest price list of bright plastic corrugated iron

Currently, the price of plastic corrugated iron can range from about 200,000 VND to 400,000 VND/m2 depending on the quality and size of the product. Prices can vary quite a bit depending on the supplier and geographical location. However, it should still be noted that the above prices are for reference only and may change depending on the market and from time to time or specific technical requirements from customers. For exact price please contact NAACO via HOTLINE for support and get the earliest quote!

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